This route has a nice mix of easy and more demanding sections, both in terms of your physical fitness and your riding skills. The first section from Mäntyharju is suitable also for less experienced riders. Hikers and mountain bikers share the same trail in some parts. Follow the blue markers painted on the trees and the Mäntyharju-Repovesi signposts.

The Mäntyharju end of the route is approximately 22 kilometres long and takes you to Mouhu. The trail then continues on the Kouvola side for another 10 kilometres, ending at the peak of the Riuttanvuori hill in Repovesi National Park, on the north side of the Olhavanvuori hill. You can also ride along the hiking sections with the exception of the western edge of the Pitkäjärvi lake, which is too rocky. When riding along the hiking trails, be careful of slippery hill sections, narrow sections, duckboards and very steep climbs.

Remember that cyclists must always give way to hikers.


There is a specially built mountain bike trail at the Mäntyharju end, while most of the trail at the Kouvola end is a dirt road. Along the way there are also some very technically demanding sections that you can still cover by bike. You can also ride along the hiking sections, but these are technically more challenging than at the Mäntyharju end due to the much steeper climbs along the hiking trail by the Pitkälampi lake. Bikes must be carried over three short sections, but you can avoid these by riding along the Kuismantie road. Especially in wet conditions, the rocks at the Kouvola end can get very slippery. For experienced mountain bikers, of course, this trail offers unique single track riding and splendid vistas that crown an invigorating day!

All in all this is a rewarding trail that is worth checking out for yourself!

Getting back to Mäntyharju

  • Follow the same route by which you arrived or vary some of the hiking sections
  • Follow the Kuismantie road to Mouhu and then the Mouhuntie road back to Mäntyharju
  • Follow the Kuismantie road to the Mouhuntie road and then take Route 368 (Virransalmi) back to Mäntyharju
  • Take the train from Kouvola to Mäntyharju

Campfire sites

  • Uutela lean-to, 3 km from start
  • Sammalisen kota (Lappish hut), 6 km from start (well)
  • Pitkäjärvi lean-to, 12 km from start
  • Matkoslampi lean-to, 21 km from start
  • Pitkälampi lean-to, 28 km from start
  • More campfire sites can be found in Repovesi National Park

Inside the national park 

The route continues to the Riuttanvuori hill and from there to the northern end of the Olhavanvuori hill to the south, where there is a signpost back to Mäntyharju. The route ends at the border of the national park, where the signposting also ends, so we recommend that you take with an A3 map of the national park. At the southern end of the national park there is a map with route alternatives for getting to the parking areas at Lapinsalmi, Tervajärvi and Saarijärvi.

You can also cycle along the roads to the south all the way to Kouvola. A map of all the trails and routes between Mäntyharju and Kouvola will be published in 2015.


  • Forest Playground and kids' mountain bike track – Check out the fun little track in the playground next to the starting point in Mäntyharju
  • Nature and Culture Trail – Learn more by reading the signs along the trail
  • Nuolilamminvuori – Admire the splendid view from the top of the hill
  • Pitkänlamminvuori – Enjoy more of the scenery from the top of this hill, 120 metres up
  • Riuttanvuori – This fine scenic viewpoint can be found just inside the national park

Starting point 

Kisala Sports Hall
Urheilutie 1
52700 Mäntyharju

Watch a video

mtb-mju-rpv-2 mtb-mju-rpv-3 mtb-mju-rpv


stay on track

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Time required 
4-5 h


Approx 33 km to the border of the national park


Level of difficulty


Physically fit mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts


Bike recommendation
Mountain bike 


Recreational trails, mountain bike trails, dirt roads


Blue markers painted on trees and signposts



Info board 


Lappish hut 




Nature trail


Scenic viewpoint


Sammalinen well
Linkkumyllyn B&B 
(private well)



  • The starting point is 900 metres from Mäntyharju train station
  • You can rent a mountain bike
  • You can cycle along the dirt roads
  • Combine biking with hiking and stay overnight in the area
  • You can get to your rented cabin or cottage along dirt roads
  • Rent a canoe or kayak in the national park
  • Bicycle repair services can be found in Mäntyharju
  • Taxi services are available
  • See map for Repovesi

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