This route takes you through beautiful natural scenery along ridges and by forest lakes from Mäntyharju to Repovesi National Park via the village of Mouhu. Enjoy the narrow forest trails, clear lakes, diverse birdlife, rocky hills and stunning views as you hike 33 kilometres into the ever-increasing wilderness towards the national park. The route begins in the municipality of Mäntyharju and ends in the municipality of Kouvola.

Much of the route is the same as the mountain biking route. Follow the Mäntyharju-Repovesi signposts and the orange markers painted on the trees. If you do come across cyclists along the hiking trails, they must always give way to hikers.


The first two kilometres from Mäntyharju follow a cross-country ski trail, after which it continues along a hilly forest trail. The distance to the first campfire site, the Uutela lean-to, is 3.5 kilometres. The "Sammalisen kota" Lappish hut is another 3 kilometres, and the third campfire site, the Pitkäjärvi lean-to, another 6 kilometres after that. If you plan to camp overnight, continue to the Matkoslampi lean-to by following the mountain bike and hiking trail along the eastern side of the lake. The distance from Pitkäjärvi to Matkoslampi is 9 kilometres, which makes for a hike of 21.5 kilometres for the day.

If you do not wish to camp, follow the trail along the western edge of the lake to B&B Linkkumylly. The total distance from Mäntyharju to Linkkumylly is 18 kilometres.

From Linkkumylly and Matkoslampi the route continues into the municipality of Kouvola. After crossing the Haimijärventie road you enter the more demanding wilderness section of the route. The views to the Nuolilamminvuori hill mean you are getting close to Repovesi National Park. The Pitkälampi lean-to next to the lake of the same name is a good place to rest before climbing up to the scenic viewpoint. From here the route continues to the Kuismantie road, where there is a connecting route to the national park via the Riuttavuori hill.

Level of difficulty 

This route is rated by Suomen Latu – the Outdoor Association of Finland – as medium difficult. The most demanding sections are those to the south, and the climb up the Nuolilamminvuori hill requires good physical fitness combined with a sense of adventure. Both the Nuolilamminvuori and Pitkälammenvuori hills can be slippery and hazardous in wet conditions. There are only a few short wetland sections, but because of the uneven terrain and slippery rocks, hiking boots are highly recommended.

Campfire sites 

  • Uutela lean-to
  • Sammalisen kota (Lappish hut), well
  • Pitkäjärvi lean-to
  • Pitkälampi lean-to
  • More campfire sites can be found in Repovesi National Park

Sights and services  

  • Forest Playground – Play park designed by local children at the start of the route in Mäntyharju
  • Nature and Culture Trail – Learn more by reading the signs along the trail
  • Harmaalampi – Walk across the duckboards to this charming small lake in the wilderness, approximately halfway along the route
  • Pitkäjärvi – As its name suggests, Pitkäjärvi is a "long lake" – 4 kilometres to be precise. It has interesting geological features, lots of fish and birdlife, and even a small swimming beach and art area
  • Linkkumylly – This year-round bed & breakfast and a summer café
  • Matkoslampi lean-to – In the lake you can catch black perch, and there is also a rowing boat
  • Pitkälampi lean-to – A nice place to rest at the end of a lake
  • Nuolilamminvuori – Admire the splendid view from the top of the hill
  • Pitkänlamminvuori – Enjoy more of the scenery from the top of this hill, 120 metres up
  • Riuttanvuori – This fine scenic viewpoint can be found just inside the national park

Inside the national park 

The route continues to the Riuttanvuori hill and from there to the northern end of the Olhavanvuori hill to the south, where there is a signpost back to Mäntyharju. Repovesi National Park has a comprehensive network of marked hiking trails.

Satrting point

Kisala Sports Hall
urheilutie 1
52700 Mäntyharju


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stay on track

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Time required
2 days 


33 km 


Level of difficulty


Physically fit hikers 


Hiking and mountain bike trails, dirt road


Orange markers painted on trees and Mäntyharju-Repovesi signposts



Info board




Nature trail  


Scenic viewpoint



  • There is a connecting route from Orilampi and Saarijärvi along the Murjanmarssi trail
  • All of the lean-tos are suitable for camping overnight
  • The starting point is 900 metres from Mäntyharju train station
  • Parking for 100 cars is available at the starting point
  • You can rent a mountain bike
  • You can cycle along the dirt roads
  • Combine hiking with mountain biking: see to rent a bike
  • Rent a canoe or kayak in the national park using your PIN code
  • Taxi services are available
  • See map for Repovesi


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